Monkey GO Happy 6 Walkthrough







Scene 01.

1. Move gnome and pick up key

2. Use key on the door

3. Pick up sickle and use on the bushes

4. Open window and pick up valve

5. Use valve on the water tap and turn water on

6. Pick up fish in bag and use on the pond


Scene 02.

1. Pick up metal bar and use it on the foreground container(bottom left)

2. Pick up wind element and use it on the white shield

3. Pick up the water element on the right hand side  of the screen below the rock bowl.

4. Use water element on the blue shield.

5. Open small chest on the left and take fire element.

6. Use fire elemenent on yellow shield.

7. Pull all 3 chains at the top to release Dragon.


Scene 03.

1. Pickup circular gem and use on the circular slot on the wall.

2. Move coal on right and pick up square gem

3. Use square gem on square slot on wall

4. Open furnace door and pick up triangular gem.

5. Use triangular gem on triangular slot on wall.

6. Get shovel from open door.

7. Run shovel over the coal and then over the furnace repeatedly until the funace overheats.


Scene 04.

1. Open car door and pick up key

2. Use key on back door of car.

3. Move paint cans onto the road.

4. Pick up brush.

5. Dip the brush in the paint and using the picture on the van as a guide paint the sign with the same colours.


Scene 05.

1. Move hook above door to open safe keypad.

2. Look at the wall picture, it shows the order of buttons to press in the windows…5,2,3,7

3. Input code into keypad and pick up needle from cabinet.

4. Pick up the candle.

5. Move the sheep and pick up the key of the floor.

6. Use the key on the door and put candle into the closet to see.

7. Pick up button and use button on the toy head, then quickly use the needle to sow it on.


Scene 06.

1. Pick up cane from right and use it on the wasps nest

2. Knock the leafs of the branch on the top right

3. Pick up the leaf rake and use it on the leafs on the ground.

4. Use the leafs on the fire to make it smoke and drive away the bees.

5. Wait for the bear to come out.


Scene 07.

1. Move boat and pick up the net.

2. Click on plant on bottom left of screen to make it squirt.

3. When the fish come in use the net on it.

4. Give the fish to the octopuss

5. Open the shell and pick up the pearl thats inside.

6. Use the pearl on the squirting plant.

7. Make the plant squit out the  pearl and break the aquarium.


Scene 08.

1. Pick up newspaper and place in the trash can

2. Pick up glasses and use them on the paper

3.  When the truck arrives click the knob at the back to lift the ladder.

4. Click the cat to make it come down.


Scene 09.

1. Place all the parts of the airplane onto the correct slots.


Scene 10.

1. Pick up wrench from behind the game machine

2. Use wrench on the bolt on the machine and then open the battery cover

3. The calendar on the wall shows Dec 31 so the code for the keypad is 1231.

4. Get the battery from the open door and place it inside the game machine

5. Press the button on the machine to play the game, shoot the invader 3 times to win.


Scene 11.

1. The H symbol beneath the belt shows the buttons to press on the code. 1,3,4,5,6,7,9

2. Pick up the oil and use it on the gears.

3. Open the compartment below the belt and get the paint bottle

4. Open the spray compartment at the top left and use the paint bottle on it.

5. Pull the lever to see perfect little monkey ornaments being made.


Scene 12.

1. Pick up the bottle and smash it on the rock

2. Pick up the paper and put them on the fire place

3. Pick up the sticks and place them on the paper

4.Pick up the matches and use them on the paper.

5. Lower the palm tree to make it smoke and signal the rescue plane.


Scene 13.

1. Pick up pick axe from left

2. Use pick axe on the rocks in the tomb

3. Use the pick axe again on the large rock inbetween the tombs

4. Pick up the gargoyle heads x 2

5. Use the gargoyle heads on the bodies at the top of the tomb.

6. Pick up the rune and use it on the rune slot.


Scene 14.

1. Pull the red lever to lift the back plank.

2. Move cart in back and pull the second lever to lift the front guard.

3. Move the front cart

4.  Pick up the dynamite and place in the crack of the cliff

5. After explosion click on the circular puzzle and according to the inner circle align all the outer circles to match the design.


Scene 15.

1. Pick up the red tube off the floor and put it in its place on the right hand side.

2. Press the red button and then follow the code at the top. The code represents numbers flipped on each other as follows: 2, 1, 9, 5, 8, 3, 4, 7 ,6.

In each hatch a yellow button appears in the order above. So after pressing the bottom red button open the hatches correspoding to the numbers and turn off all the yellow lights before the timer runs out.



1st scene

1. Pick up the dragon ornament from the roof

2. Open the window and pickup the plunger

3. Goto the next scene with the Cow

cow scene

1. Click the cow and when it turns get the key from its neck

2. Return to the first scene with the house

1st scene

1. Use the key on the door and go inside

2. Get the branding iron off the floor

3. Return to the 1st scene

1st scene

1. Open the chimney fireplace

2. Use the branding iron on the fire to heat it

3.  Go to the cow scene

cow scene

1. Use the branding iron on the cow

2. USe the dragon on the top of the hut

3. Look at the guide on the hut door AII BIII CIV DI meaning A2 B3 C4 D1

4. On the tombstone you’ll find the symbols to input into the puzzle

5. Pick up the wheel bit and the hammer and nails.

6. Go to the 1st scene.

1st scene.

1. Use the wheel bit on the water wheel, then use the hammer and nails on it too.

2. Go inside when the power is on.

inside the house

1. Open the Oven to find coins

2. Get the spoon off the plate and use it on the pot plant to dig out a key

3. Knock the painting off the wall and use the key on the compartment.

4. Move the table and then use the plunger on the floor.

5. Look at the right wall. It says 1345, 2130, 1610. So into the puzzle on the floor input those times on the clock in that order. 1:45, 9:30 and 4:10 to open.



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