Monkey GO Happy 5 Walkthrough







Scene 01.

1. Get branch of the tree

2. Place branch into seed pile.

3. Click the chicken so it eats the seed and lures the crocodile out.


Scene 02.

1. Pickup the crowbar

2. Use the crowbar on the dynamite box lid.

3. Get the dynamite

4. Light the dynamite on the torch

5. Place the dynamite onto the pile of rocks on right hand side of the screen before it blows.


Scene 03.

1. Turn on the light switch on the left hand side.

2. Pull the crate out of the closet

3. Knock over the jar of balls on the right

4. Unlock the code on the crate by counting how many red balls, how many blue and how many yellow.

5. Get the record out of the crate and place in on the record player.

6. Wind the handle on the record player to play music.


Scene 04.

1. Knock the painting down and as the painter gets of his chair to put it back up, throw his bag  away. (Correct timing is the hey here).

2. When the painter leaves, pickup the brush

3. Use the brush on the paint pallete.

4. Use the brush with the paint on the canvas.


Scene 05.

1. Open the door

2. Move the three boxes out of the way

3. Pick up the magnet

4. Open the car boot

5. Get the rope from the boot

6. Use the rope and magnet on the sewer to lift the car keys out.

7. Give the car keys to the man


Scene 06.

1. Move the shelf under the poster

2. Flip the switch on the wall, this opens a secret closet.

3. Get the key

4. Use the key to open the cabinet of the left

5. Get balloon

6. The lines in the back closet represent numbers. The numbers are 8,5,2,3

7. Punch in the numbers 8,5,2,3 into the keypad.

8. Get the pump out of the right closet.

9. Place the balloon on the pump nozzle

10. Pump the balloon once

11. Click the balloon so it fly off and out the window.


Scene 07.

Place all the pieces of the train on the alocated sillouettes.


Scene 08.

1. Click the remote control on the top front of the truck

2. Lower the platforms on the back of the truck by using the buttons. The top button for the top platform and the bottom button for the bottom platform.

3. Then click the cars to get them onto the truck.

4. Get 3 cars on the bottom shelf of the truck, and 2 cars at the top. When finished raise the platforms so the truck leaves.


Scene 09.

1. Find all 4 missing ornaments and place them on the gate as picture above

2. Turn the ornaments as shown above.


Scene 10.

1. Move the cup on the second shelf to uncover the key.

2. Use the key on the closet.

3. Pull the send hanger hook down to unlock a secret compartment in the closet.

4. Get the tape.

5. Place the tape into the player.

6. Press play on the player.

7. Press the power button on the tv.

8. Use the joypad to finish the Agent Turnright minigame.


Scene 11.

1. Pickup the torch.

2. Pickup the puzzle pieces as shown above and place them in the middle square.

3. Use the torch on the fire.

4. Light only the bowls shown on the completed puzzle square in the middle(shown above).


Scene 12.

1. Pick up the screwdriver on the windowsill

2. Use the screwdriver on the control box.

3. Match all the colours on the left to the bulbs on the right by following the wires from left to right seeing which connects to which.

3. When the door opens click the astronaut.

4. When the astronaut enters the shuttle press the light button above the door to launch.


Scene 13.

1. Pick up the landing net on the bottom right hand corner of the screen

2. Use the landing net on the water until you find a key.

3. Use the key on the shed door.

4. Get the bucket of fish

5. Give a fish to the seal

6. When the seal eats the fish give him the ball.


Scene 14.

1. Get the sheet and us it on the chimney to make it black.

2. Move the pot to get the key

3. Use the key on the door.

4. Get the broom and give it to the old lady

5. Ope the window at the top of the house to get the hat

6. Give the hat to the old lady and watch het yurn into a witch.


Scene 15.

Shoot all the targets as specified in the instructions.



1. Knock over the pot plant on the top right window to get a key.

2. Use the key on the door on the left. Get the gem

3. Open the window on the roof of the bell tower building.

4. Get the cloth.

5. Use the cloth on the barrel on the left hand side of the screen

6. Open the window of the left hand side building to get a candle.

7. Light the candle on the lamp on the right.

8. Use the lit candle to light the cloth on the barrel and watch it explode

9. Get the lockpick and open the padlock on the right.

10. Use the lit candle to light up the darkness.

11. Get the gem, get the banana ornament, and open the wall cabinet to get the knocker.

12. Use the knocker on the bell tower door.

13. Get the gem

14. Open the top window on the left hand side to get the last gem.

15. Place all 4 gems into the correct spots under the Monkey Statue. Place the banana ornament in its hand. The statue should move down.

16. Once you remove the bananas of the screen you will see 6 symbols of bells where the statue stood. In that order: large, medium, small, small, medium, large, click the bells and a cart with some more bananas should come out.

Thanks for playing


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