Monkey GO Happy 3 Walkthrough







Scene 01.

1. Click the bushes in the lower foreground to expose the stick.

2. Click on the stick in the water to pick up

3. Click on the bananas to knock them off.


Scene 02.

1. Keep clicking the Russian doll tops until a monkey doll shows up


Scene 03.

1. Click on axe to pick up.

2. Click on 3 pieces wood to pick up. (One wood piece is behind the bush as pictured above)

3. Sit each wood piece on the tree stump on the left of the screen.

4. Chop piece of wood in half using the axe.

5. Repeat placing the wood on the stump and chopping it until all 3 pieces are done.

6. Pickup chopped halves of wood and place them in the basket.


Scene 04.

1. Turn over 3 rocks on the lower right of the screen.

2. Pick up ice pick

3. Use ice pick to remove broken bit of brick and uncover hedge clippers.

4. Pick up hedge clippers and use them to cut the bushes on the left (door) and the right(loose brick) of the screen.

5. Use the ice pick on the loose brick you uncovered under the bushes on the left side of the screen.

6. Pick up key and use it to open the door.


Scene 05.

1. Pickup crowbar behind the Totem pole.

2. Use crowbar on crate

3. Pickup paper color plan and the brush from inside the box.

4. Copy the colors shown on the paper by dipping the brush in the appropriate paint buckets and then painting the different sections of the Totem pole.


Scene 06.

1. Move large brick to uncover the wrecker controller.

2. Switch the wrecker on by flicking the top switch on the controller.

3. Press the red buttons to control the wrecker. The red button with the side to side arrows  make the wrecker swing, the red button with the up and down arrows make it cycle through raising and lowering the wrecker so you can destroy all 3 levels.

4. Hit each of the 3 levels of the building 3 times and it will collapse.


Scene 07.

1. Knock over all the cups to find the key.

2. Pickup the key and use it on the cabinets lock.

3. Pickup fly swatter from inside the cabinet.

4. Kill the fly when it sits down.


Scene 08.

1. Open the lowest drawer (3rd down).

2. Pickup the knob from inside the drawer.

3. Place the knob on the front of the top drawer.

4. Open the top drawer.

5. Pickup the key from inside the top drawer.

6. Use the key on the lock of the cabinet on the back wall.

7.  Pickup hammer from inside the cabinet.

8. Use hammer on the piggy bank.

9. Pickup coin from the floor.

10. Place coin on the COINS display on the back wall (the black space where one is missing)


Scene 09.

1. The trick is to match the symbols and roman numerals on the door with the movable rock tabs on the left wall.

2. Align the tabs as shown above.


Scene 10.

1. Pick up rifle from the bottom right of the screen.

2. Shoot the criminal cardboard cutouts while avoiding the innocents. (Reload in the top right of the screen)

3. Score 100 points to complete.


Scene 11.

1. Pick up all 12 batteries and place them in the power pack at the bottom right of the screen from the locations  shown above. You will need to uncover some batteries by; opening model roofs, opening the little garage door, pushing the little model building, and opening little model doors.


Scene 12.

1. The idea here is to turn the signals to the appropriate directions so that the train takes the correct path. There’s a signal before each fork in the tracks signaling either left or right.

1. When the level starts, click on the signals  shown above on the picture (once each) to turn them to the correct position. NOTE: The illustration above does NOT show the correct positioning of the signal lights, each of the lights highlighted above is yet to be changed to its correct position by clicking on it once.


Scene 13.

1. Click on the snow in the lower left side of the screen to uncover the rock.

2. Pick up the rock and use it on the window.

3. Pick up the saw from inside the shed.

4. Use the saw on the tree branch as indicated above.


Scene 14.

1. Click the book on the bookshelf shown above to uncover the key.

2. Use the key on the disk box lock on the left of the screen.

3. Open the cover of the computer and then insert the disk into the disk drive.

4. Turn on the computer by pressing the power button on the right.

5. Use the controller on the far right of the screen to play the game “ONE BUTTON BLOB”

One button Blob:

a. In the first stage click the button when you’re close to the bat to shoot it

b. In the second stage click the button to jump over the pit

c. In the third stage click the button before you get to the middle so that the spike falls, once it falls you can continue.

d. In the fourth stage click the button when close to the ladders to climb. (Once to climb up and then to climb down)

e. In the fifth and final stage click the button to cross the opening and closing pit. Make sure you time it so that the pit is closed when you step onto it and then move off it as fast as possible.


Scene 15.

1. Open fridge and pickup cheese.

2. Place the cheese in front of the mouse hole and wait for the mouse to reward you with a hair pin.

3. Pick up the hair pin and use it on the lock of the electricity box on the back wall.

4. Move the little jar in spice cabinet on the right and pick up the fuse.

5. Use the fuse on the fuse box (where on is missing)

6. Open the sliding door.

7. Pull the cord inside the closet to switch on light.

8. Pick up pop corn

9. Pick up popcorn maker.

10. Use pop corn on popcorn maker.

11. Click on power cable to place the pug into the socket.

12. Remove the lid from the poporn maker to make popcorn fly everywhere.



This will show you how to uncover all the bells!

1. Move red carpet to uncover the key.

2. Pickup the key and use it on the door on the left.

3. Pickup the ornament poking out slightly from behind the door.

4. Use the ornament on the small tab poking out of the chimney at top of the fireplace. (The one above the fireplace button)

5. Now back to the open door……open the closet behind the open door.

6. Pickup the crowbar and use it on the three floor boards shown on the picture above and then pick up the sledge hammer.

7. Pull on the light on the ceiling to make the ceiling crack.

8. Use the sledge hammer break the cracked ceiling.

5. Pull the ornament above the fireplace down to move the cabinet to side to side.

6.  Press the button on top of the fireplace to switch the fire off and a coin will fall out.

7. Pick up the coin and use it to unscrew the screws on the metal panel you uncovered behind the cabinet. Also use the coin to unscrew the screws holding the two pictures above the fireplace.

8. Once you’re done with all the screws the coin should disappear and you can pull down the panel behind the cabinet.

9.  Open both draws and all cabinet doors.

10. Pull on the cord beside the window to pull blinds up.

11. Open window.

12. Move the Xmas tree by clicking the pot below.

This should uncover all the bells. Now you also need to pick them all up quickly before the time runs out!  GOOD LUCK!


Monkey GO Happy 3 Expansion MINIGAME Walkthrough


1. Pick up the shovel

2. Use the shovel to disperse the 3 piles of snow pictured above.

3. Pick up the brick from the chimney and use it to break the ice block with the key

4. Pick up the key and use it on the letterbox.

5. Pickup the yellow key from inside the letter box and use it on the front door.

6. Pickup the bolt cutters and use them on the chain on the right side of the house.

7. Open the side door on the house and pull out the Xmas tree.

8. Open the shed door and pull out crowbar.

9. Use crowbar to remove the outer planks on the shed.

10. Uncover some lights in the bushes behind the house (there is 3 lots of covered lights)


Now try and switch all the lights on before your time runs out!



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